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There's a difference between a bad car and a poorly maintained car. One of the most important aspects of auto care is routine OEM preventive maintenance which is essential to a dependable, long lived vehicle. Preventive maintenance is often over looked, that is until the vehicle stops functioning. By this time, an inexpensive maintenance cost can potentially end up costing thousands of dollars in repair bills.

The engine is the most critical and costly component of your vehicle, so taking care of it is a given. Preserving your engine requires changing the oil on schedule, while using high-quality oil of the proper viscosity. Oil change schedules vary and are relative to your driving habits and OEM recommended schedules, but in most cases the oil change intervals are typically every 3K- 5K miles.

Second to changing your oil is properly maintaining your cooling system. Coolant should be tested for condition every six months and coolant levels should be checked monthly. This may prompt you to flush and refill long before the extended-life interval has been achieved.

At Chesdin Automotive, we offer all preventive maintenance services that will keep your vehicle running smoother, and last longer. We have access to all factory service schedules for all vehicles and provide reminders to keep you on track with your preventive maintenance schedules. So never sacrifice proper maintenance as it provides reliability, longevity and peace of mind that your vehicle won't leave you stranded.

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